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"I rely on SHRM for toolkits and templates that strengthen our infrastructure and rally team members around company goals.  My SHRM membership also helps me set strategy."
Hyacinth Guy, SHRM-SCP | Vice President, HR
SHRM Member since 1995
"I wear a lot of hats in my HR role; listener, teacher, benefits specialist, employee relations manager; and SHRM’s online templates and resources help me get my to-do list done and come up with innovations that take the process forward."
Devon Delmonico Conley, MBA, SHRM-SCP | Vice President, HR
Member since 2011
"Leading 8,000 people at one of America's largest corporations, I rely on SHRM and resources like the Knowledge Center to keep my organization compliant, sharp and strategic."
Dan Ellerman, SHRM-SCP | Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Member since 2004

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